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Leadership Positions Roles & Responsibilities

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Help create the future of Social Media Dallas and carry out our mission to be the preeminent digital marketing organization in Dallas. Committee and board members have many opportunities to develop their personal network and develop their leadership skills.

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The following outlines roles and responsibilities of officer positions within the Board of Directors and of Committee members for Social Media Dallas. All Officer positions outlined are based on the following conditions:

  1. Officers serve for a 13-month term that runs from June 1 to June 30 of the following year.
  2. An Officer may be removed prior to the expiration of their term with a 2/3 vote by all members of the Board of Directors, either in person or via proxy.
  3. Upon the expiration of the Officer’s term, all material held by the Officer will be transferred within 30 days of expiration to the replacement for the Officer’s position.
  4. All board members must attend two out of three board meetings per calendar quarter and eight out of 12 monthly formal meetings.
  5. All officers cannot be an official officer of any other competing local marketing industry group in Dallas.

Committees and Committee Members

All committees are made of 3-4 members plus their chair. Committee members commit to serve on their committee for a term of 13-months. Committees implement the vision and direction set by the board of directors.

Communications Committee

Chaired by the VP of Communications this committee is responsible for setting and executing the marketing strategy for Social Media Dallas. The goals of the committee are to drive awareness, event attendance, membership, sponsor/partner promotion, and to distinguish Social Media Dallas as a thought leader and influencer in the Digital Marketing space. This committee oversees the website, email marketing, social channels, paid social channels, public relations. The committee organizes itself the best possible way to complete its mission. In the past, that has included the following roles Promotions chair, Designer, Social Media Manager, Blogger, Email Manager.

Programming Committee

Chaired by the VP of Programming this committee plans and executes all programming of Social Media Dallas in the advancement of our mission: Monthly meetings, SIGs, Member Only Events, Networking Socials, and our Annual Social Media Showcase. Key responsibilities include event planning, logistics, production. It is important for this team to liaise with all other committees as it plans events. The committee organizes itself the best possible way to complete its mission. In the past, that has included the following roles SIG chair, Special Events chair, Logistics chair, and the Programming Liaison.

Membership Committee

Chaired by the VP of Membership this committee facilitates the growth of the organization through the retention and increase of membership and communicate membership value to our members. The membership committee also manages check-in at events. Including onsite registration and printing name tags. The committee organizes itself the best possible way to complete its mission. In the past, that has included the following roles Professional Outreach chair and the Student Outreach Chair.

Sponsorship Committee

Chaired by the VP of Sponsorship works with partners to help enhance the mission of Social Media Dallas. Members of this committee need strong sales and communication skills to share the value of Social Media Dallas to potential sponsors. Also, need people to manage the ongoing relationship with sponsors to ensure they are receiving the promised benefits. Key sponsors opportunities: monthly food sponsor, speaker sponsor, season sponsor, the title sponsor, in-kind sponsor, swag sponsor, giveaway sponsor.

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Board of Directors

The President is responsible for the operation of the organization whose duties include:
  • Member of the Board of Directors
  • Oversee organization and management of all events and communications for the organization.
  • Fiduciary compliance of the organization, including auditing and review of the financials and the filing of all tax returns and other documents required by government authorities.
  • Promoting and growing the organization based on the club mission as stated in the bylaws.
  • Facilitate the proper accounting, collection and payment of all financial obligations for the organization.
  • Counter-signer to all financial instruments along with the Treasurer.
  • Storage and maintenance of all equipment and other assets of the organization.
  • Facilitate and respond to requests from current or prospective members related to the operation of the club.
  • Facilitate and respond to all sponsor requests for the organization by forwarding and introducing to the Vice President of Sponsorships.
  • The recruitment of volunteers and assistance in the assignment to appropriate committees.
  • The creation of supporting volunteer committees that assist the President in responsibilities listed.
  • Serve as official media contact responsible for speaking on behalf of the club.
  • Other duties as necessary.
Chairperson of the Board - Past President
The Chairman is responsible for:
  • Organizing meetings of the Board of Directors to ensure a quorum.
  • Facilitate appointments and/or elections of Board of Directors members, based on the terms of the by-laws.
  • Obtaining and enforcing all insurance policies required by the organization.
  • Compliance and adherence to the by-laws of the organization.
  • In the event the President or Treasurer is not available, then the Chairman may sign as the co-signer for financial instruments.
  • Support President and Board in achieving overall yearly goals for the organization.
  • Assist with development, organization, and planning of special events (e.g., annual conference).
  • Other duties as necessary.
The Treasurer is responsible for the accounting, collection, and payment of all financial matters related to the operation of the organization. Duties include:
  • Monthly financial reports presented to the board detailing all financial transactions of the organization, including monthly bank account reconciliation and accounts payable and accounts receivable reporting.
  • Monthly reporting of past meeting P&L.
  • Responsible for enabling payment via credit card at monthly events.
  • Counter-signature on all checks or other financial instruments.
  • Responsible for preparation and filing of all tax returns.
  • Invoicing sponsors.
  • Other duties as necessary.
The Secretary is responsible for:
  • Updating and maintenance of event slideshows (e.g., announcements, sponsor slides, etc.): collection and compilation of all event slide prior to the event, and delivery of slides to the board for approval and to Technology Chair for use at the event.
  • The recording of all Board of Directors meeting minutes on a monthly basis – presented to the Board of Directors in the following month either electronically or in-person.
  • Tracking all Board of Director’s attendance at monthly meetings and board meetings presented to the Board of Directors in the following month either electronically or in-person.
  • Storage and safe-keeping of all corporate books and by-laws and other organizational documents.
  • Responsible for club correspondence, including sending thank you notes to sponsors.
  • Other duties as necessary.
VP of Communications
The Vice President of Communications is responsible for:
  • Organizing, facilitating and executing on all communications related to the activities of the organization, including:
    1. Management of communications/promotions calendar.
    2. Timely website updates and regular maintenance.
    3. The storage, security, and sending of all email communications.
    4. Ensuring the updating and maintenance of the social media accounts for the organization including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, etc. (Manages the Promotions Chair who performs these activities).
    5. Ensuring the maintenance of the organization blog, including event recaps, editing, and guest blogger logistics. (Manages the Blog Editor).
    6. Ensuring photography/videography of events (Manages the photography or videography person).
    7. The updating and maintenance of the SMS distribution vendor account.
    8. Overseeing and working with the Communications Committee (including Promotions and Technology Chairs, Webmaster and blog editor and other volunteers and their duties).
  • The creation and organization of all marketing messages to publicize events.
  • Responsible for writing or delegating drafting of press releases and issuing news announcements on behalf of the organization.
  • Organizing and facilitating communication for SM Dallas special events and conferences.
  • Other duties as necessary.
VP of Programing
The Vice President of Programming is responsible for the organization and management of all events for the organization. Duties include:
  • Member Board of Directors
  • Chair of the Communications Committee
  • The creation and scheduling of all events for the organization, including monthly meetings and any co-sponsored events with other organizations, including:
    1. Developing speaker topics and themes and working with Board to select final options and seek out other connections and opportunities.
    2. Recruitment of speakers and facilitation of their speaking needs.
    3. Creating final Eventbrite copy and making Eventbrite live.
    4. Coordinate and assist the Vice President of Communications in the promotion of all events:
      1. Meeting details and topics.
      2. Speaker bios and other related material, including recommended content for promotions
      3. Identifying targeted outreach groups and sponsors based on planned meeting targets.
  • The promotion and collection and analysis of all speaker feedback forms for presentation at the monthly Board of Directors meeting as well as any follow-up online surveys.
  • Assistance and facilitation of the needs of event sponsors.
  • The creation, recruitment, and management of volunteers to participate and assist in the execution of the duties listed.
  • Management, orchestration, and analysis of the Annual Audience Survey (email distro)
  • Other duties as necessary.
VP of Membership
This VP of Membership facilitates the growth of the organization through the retention and increase of membership, with duties including:
  • Member of the Board of Directors
  • Chair of the Membership Committee
  • Actively promoting and soliciting prospective members to join the organization.
    1. Including assigning board followup and sponsorship of first-time attendees
  • Local outreach to universities, businesses, etc. to promote the club and seek out new attendees and members.
  • Securing and managing corporate memberships.
  • Creating and distributing marketing literature to encourage membership and retain members.
  • Reporting monthly to the Board of Directors on membership statistics including gains and losses.
  • Managing the official membership list and backup of this list.
  • Communicating with existing members up for renewal.
  • Creating and executing tactics to increase and retain members–including an annual membership drive
  • Coordinating and communicating with the Board of Directors on events and activities that facilitate membership goals.
  • Managing and maintaining the membership content on the organization website.
  • Establishing and achieving clear membership goals for their term in office.
  • Actively managing the email database.
  • Managing the Outreach Chair.
  • Other duties as necessary.
VP of Sponsorship
The Vice President of Sponsorships identifies chapter needs that may be supported by corporate sponsorship with duties including:
  • Member of the Board of Directors
  • Chair of the Sponsorship Committee
  • Proactively identifying, pursuing and securing sponsorships to support the organization funding and awareness goals.
  • Working with the Board of Directors to determine the organization’s needs, such as underwriting an event, soliciting location sponsors, and providing direct or in-kind donations.
  • Working with committee chairs to develop sponsorship plans for specific events or activities.
  • Developing a corporate sponsorship list, updating it often and contacting businesses for support.
  • Keeping accurate records of all donations and in-kind support, reporting monthly to Treasurer.
  • Developing a plan to acknowledge sponsors and send regular thank you notes to support organizations by working with the Secretary.
  • Monitoring sponsor support to avoid conflicts of interest, and review chapter operating policies to ensure all chapter obligations to sponsors are met.
  • Maintaining the Sponsorship section of the chapter website and coordinating sponsor promotions with the Vice President of Communication and Technology Chair.
  • Creating and maintaining a sponsorship packet.
  • Other duties as necessary.

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