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Board and Committee Member Application

Interested in joining the leadership team?

Leadership Application

Interested in joining the Social Media Dallas leadership team? Serving as a Committee Member or Board Member is a great way to get to know people, develop your leadership skills and make a difference in the organization. Volunteer to serve the organization by applying to join a committee or to serve as a board member using the form below.

For a description of committees see our Leadership Positions Roles & Responsibilities page.

If you have any questions about serving as a leader or the process, please contact Teresa Martin at

  • Personal Information

  • Please list your social media profiles. Press the '+' for additional fields. Please include LinkedIn and other networks you are active on.
  • Years and months
  • Experience and Skills

  • (i.e. making friends, giving back, developing new skills, meeting useful contacts, etc.)
  • (event planning, communications, strategy, research, technology, creative skills, public relations, etc.)
  • Help us understand your past organization experience
  • Leadership Areas

  • Committee members are repsonsible for organizing and executing the activities of the organization.
  • (President, VP of Communications, VP of Programing, VP of Membership, VP of Sponsorship, Tresurer, Secretary)
  • Select no more than two positions