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Chris asked the question, “Why is video marketing important?” He explained in detail that viewers retain 95% more of the message when is in video than if is a written message. Also, marketeers that use video grow their revenue at a 49% faster rate than non-video users. Yates admits that he cares about marketing and making money as most of us all do; and reiterated that video marketing is something that can help with that.  

“Create the brand around concepts,” is another piece of advice from Yates, he also commented that we as marketers, need to showcase LOYALTY to our brand first and foremost within everything that we create.  

Additionally, Yates shared with us some of his most important video tips about imagery, audio, lighting and more such as not shooting near windows and trying to avoid green screens. The use of clean backgrounds on all your video content is the key to creating a beautiful video. In addition, video marketers should avoid shaky footage by using a tripod, which are now available for smart phones as well. Phones have good quality cameras and it is okay to use them with appropriate lighting. About lighting, Chris was very empathic about the lighting set up telling us the three most important aspects being the back light, fill and key (see image for reference).  

“In video, AUDIO is more important than VIDEO”, Chris states. He advised us all to use good quality microphones when conducting interviews. There are plenty of mics like the shotgun that is a versatile one but not suited for all environments. Wireless the ultimate choice for freedom and mobility, wired lavalier for the most direct pickup of an individual person, handheld these are standard for on-the-go interviews is an omnidirectional dynamic mic. 

All in all, we learned a lot from Chris about the best video marketing practices and how the best way to share any brand story is through video. If you are interested in learning more about video or digital marketing practices, we would like to invite you to our 9th Annual Showcase that has been officially moved to  June 20th. This annual event  highlights case studies from digital marketers all over DFW. Join us to have a great time, watch, learn and network in our next event! See you there and thank you Chris Yates for that epic presentation!