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            On January 17th Social Media Dallas presented the first networking event of the year and we had the pleasure of featuring embracer of Digital Change and Influencer, Brian Fanzo. Brian drove us to a new way of thinking with the spectacular presentation, “How to stand out from the noise by providing reliability and episodic content.”  During the presentation, Fanzo reassured that the future of marketing is reliability and that this is a business of trust.

            Speaking about trust, Fanzo stated that “Nobody trusts a brand or logo, we trust the people that look like us”, guiding that marketers must shrink the gap and tell the story that everyone wants to know; we need to build that trust in our audience that believes in what looks and/or thinks like them.  Also the audience determines what content is great for them and how it gets their attention. 

“Create + Document + Curate + Amplify is the advice of Brian on how we should deliver the content.”

What is episodic content? It’s curating storytelling that is valuable for your audience and that places the customer first. What is the content consumers want to know? You have to put yourself in the shoes of the them if you want that content to be shared. Brian also stated that you have to “Ask your audience! They just want to know that you heard them”, have a conversation, share and engage more, because it matters.

Attendees networking and preparing for Brian Fanzo's presentation at the Captial Factory + DEC venue.
At the Capital Factory with Brian Fanzo

Your online reputation is important and the audience now wants a brand to have something that they care about, they want transparency. The audience wants relatable content and as a digital marketer, it’s your responsibility to provide that to them. Just like Brian said “Consistency is the key”, you need to be consistent to build trust in your brand, in your business; in everything you do. Doing so demonstrates that you care about your audience and that you can relate to them.

“So press the damn button and connect with them, create content that inspires to educate, test what works best to motivate, ask to know more and answer questions, use the stories and people that influence your customers”, that’s Mr. Fanzo advice.

You can connect with him on all social media channels @ISocialFanz and follow his podcast to stay up to date on current digital marketing trends.

            If you missed this awesome event, we encourage you to join us on February 21 with Cameron Gawley  on the topic of “The Netflix Approach to Social Media” Don’t miss the opportunity to network with your colleagues and learn new tips to put in practice at work!

Thank you!

Paloma Quinones is a Communications and Marketing professional. She provides PR strategies, brand image managenent, content creation and possesses social media skills with the finality of positioning and creating awareness to any brand.