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Last week we had the pleasure to host our 8th Annual Social Media Showcase, with 8 amazing social media experts in the Dallas metroplex! Our attendees learned about the effects of influencer marketing, using social media to drive in-store sales and so much more, keep reading below to see what the presenters shared.

Ali Mirza

Case Study Topic: Using Social Media to attract talent

Would you ever think to use Facebook to hire talent for your organization? Well if not, you may want to rethink that concept. Mirza had a client who had never used Facebook to hire people, but gave it a shot in which they used the formula “Video Storytelling + Facebook Ads”. We also learned about Target Audience Stacking, which is first target your warm audience and then your cold one. Next step is to stack the engagement from both audiences. This campaign resulted in 1,850 clicks at $.019 per click , 29 new applications, excitement among their internal team, and people applying because they loved the culture so much.

Chris Yates

Case Study Topic: Video Marketing and large-scale Social Media engagement for Gordo’s Cheese Dip

So what does cheese dip and an “Ultimate Tailgater” contest have to do with each other? This large-scale social media campaign stemmed from wanting more involvement of the product, rather than just “selling” it at tailgating parties. Yates stated, “Don’t interrupt the party, crash it”! What he meant by this, was to enhance your customer’s experience by engaging in a fun activity with your product. Customers buy into a lifestyle, not so much the product, so when you add something fun in the mix, engagement is sure to follow.

Amber Rose

Case Study Topic: LOVELOUD Powered by AT&T – Festival Activation and Twitter Live Stream Event

Our next presenter was Amber Rose of TruePoint Communications, who leads their specialty channels on the community management team. Her presentation discussed the following challenges they faced when setting up this campaign:

  • They needed online engagement to drive awareness of the 2nd annual LOVE LOUD Festival
  • Share the brand’s commitment of igniting the conversation on love, acceptance and the support of LGBTQ+ youth
  • Generate positivity around a controversial campaign
  • Support AT&T’s commitment to donate $1 for every use of #LOVELOUD

With their strategy of activating community managers across the nation, concentrating on using Twitter for the their hashtag engagement and partnering with influencers and LGBTQ+ supporters, this campaign resulted in over a million dollars raised for the LGBTQ+ community, 656,826 mentions and 506 replies during the event and even recognition from the South Korean band BTS, bringing in global awareness.

Brian Bethel

Case Study Topic: Online market share Growth for Misook

How do you revive and refresh a brand that doesn’t appeal to the masses? You bring in influencer marketing, and that’s just what Bethel of White Pants Agency did. The goals for the Misook resurrection was to increase ROI/sales, gain new customer acquisition and brand equity. The used the omni-channel influencer strategy, by the following:

  • Identify and validate influencers
  • Create content
  • Target and deploy the content
  • Track and optimize the content

This campaign resulted in 5,000 new customers, ROI increased 9 times more, their video views jumped to 287,000 and social media engagement rose to 192,000. How is that for influencer marketing? Have you considered doing it for your business?

Tim Miller

Case Study Topic: Using a chatbot to increase the number of leads

Tim’s client had issues with consistency, spending too much to acquire clients and communication with potential clients. In order to combat these business problems, Tim Miller of Visual Edge had 3 goals for their client.

  • Create a social presence with a personal profile
  • Identify 2 major Demo groups
  • Establish relationships via Facebook Messenger

By implementing these strategies, the client automated their lead capture, saved time with appointment setters, streamlined their data capture and retargeting and lowered their lead dollars from spending. From this experience, they were able to understand that relationships come first and that platforms don’t always work when establishing communication.

Cameron Gawley

Case Study Topic: Using social media advertising to drive in-store sales

Buzzshitf’s client recently received distribution from at a large supermarket chain and needed to bring awareness of the new product, so people would buy it. The kicker was, that all of this was on a startup budget and they needed to prove their online social media ads translated into in-store sales. They used a customer-centric approach with 4 objectives:

  • Measure in-store sales before, during and after the 7-week campaign
  • Run targeted Facebook & Instagram awareness ads within a 3-mile radius of selected stores
  • Retarget viewers with consideration ads
  • Create 2 landing pages so customers could learn more and download a coupon

With these implementations, they were able to generate new customers. What did they learn from this campaign? Social media advertising is a great investment to drive in-store sales especially with a new product! We also learned the importance of being customer centric instead of being brand-centric, and to always have variations of your ads so viewers don’t get tired of seeing your ad.

Stephanie Weeks & Daniel Horsch

Case Study Topic: Influencer marketing to promote Visit Plano, Visit Dallas, & Visit Frisco

Lastly, Stephanie Weeks (Visit Plano) and Daniel Horsch (Visit Dallas), collaborated on their campaign “A Weekend with Influencers” to more gain more attraction to all 3 destinations; Dallas, Plano & Frisco. This campaign brought much more value and was cost effective than just working with influencers for each destination. As well, it resulted in increases of reach and interactions for Dallas, Plano and Frisco! Not only is it important to collaborate when carrying out larger campaigns, but including influencers to help brings in their communities (and dollars) to your overall goal. If you were able to attend the showcase, we appreciate you coming out and learned something new!