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We currently are seeking a part-time Social Media Manager.

This is a paid contractor position.

Slight preference will be given for those who are located in the North Texas or Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area, but we are open to other skilled individuals working remotely. Candidates will use their own computer for this work.

Work will involve managing social media accounts for some of our online reputation clientele (companies and inviduals we represent).

Argent Media is known nationwide for its work in social media management, online reputation management, and search engine optimization. As such, we have clients across the United States, and development work can range from social media accounts for attorneys, large corporations, business executives, celebrities, toy stores, real estate agents, and more!

We provide some on-the-job training and hands-on experience in strategies for improving search engine rankings, brand development, social media engagement, internet analytics, and content management systems.

We’re looking for unique candidates that have combinations of skills that are advantageous for developing social media accounts, including: setting up profiles ideally, aesthetic understanding and some graphic layout ability (for selecting and modifying profile avatar pics, background pics, and posting pics), posting in the “voice” of a diverse set of online personas to channel their interests, industry focuses, and audience interests, understanding of strategies for increasing follower counts, balancing self-promotional content with sharing other content, awareness of current-most trending topics and deriving engagement with them, increasing engagement of accounts, and methods for promoting social media accounts.

Have you successfully increased the following and engagement scores for your own social media account(s) and/or that of clients? We look at your social media accounts and any other example/client accounts you may direct us to as an indication of skill level.

Good writing skills, including good grammar and spelling, are requirements, and education and/or experience in writing are preferred.

Facility with graphics for social media posting is highly preferred. The ideal candidate will have some facility with Photoshop, and/or other graphics editing software. Understanding of animated gifs, popular memes, meme sourcing/customizing, and understanding of image copyright basics are desired.

Argent Media sometimes provides contractors with perks, including admission to some internet marketing conferences.

Ideal candidates will have the following qualities:

  • Demonstrated abilities for developing a social media audience and engagement in one or more of the top social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, or YouTube. While we are providing training, we ideally desire someone who already has a demonstrated passion for social media. Provide us with links to your social media accounts, or ones that you have worked upon, to give us an idea of what you have done before!
  • Photoshop or a related type of photo-editing software package;
  • Demonstrated ability to write good copy! When working for us, you will be “channeling” our clients, so you somewhat need to write in their voices, focus on topics they are interested-in, and react the way they would react.
  • Highly imaginative! We may have areas where your ideas may be tried out.
  • Fairly good desktop computer skills with some of the following applications: MS Word, Google Docs, Excel, Google Sheets, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, WordPress, Hootsuite, Sendible, IFTTT,,
  • Ability to self-direct, and seek out ways to impress us and our clientele.
  • Slight preference for students pursuing a degree in one of the following: Communications; Marketing; Advertising; Journalism; Computer Science; English, Writing; Photography; Design; Liberal Arts; Business; Fine Arts; Commercial Art

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