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Social media specialists should have a solid understanding of how each social media channel works and how to optimize content so that it is engaging on those channels. You are responsible for joining relevant conversations on behalf of the brand and “soft selling” the product by providing support to current and prospective customers.

Born from Richard Rawlings passion for cars, Gas Monkey Garage has grown into a brand known the world over. However, with each new Gas Monkey venture the brand has never lost sight of one of its earliest mainstays, a buyer and seller of cars.

Gas Monkey Garage owes its success to a strict business model: full cars and no rust. If a finished car sits too long, Rawlings will sell it at a loss. He’s interested in a killer operation, not a stockpile. These simple ideas have been the pillar of GMG for years, and coupled with Rawlings vast knowledge of the automotive market has made it a success. Rawlings has always been an old soul more interested in the used car market and buying and selling of cars, “Anyone can go out and buy a Ferrari” he says. Rawlings’ dream car? “A 1932 Ford Roadster—the holy grail of hot rods.”

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