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The Social Media Coordinator is full of ideas to drive shares, comments and traffic from targeted audiences for NMSI’s social media channels and blog. The Coordinator develops, aggregates, solicits and edits outstanding content that grabs target audiences and drives them to advocate for NMSI and demand its programming for their schools. The Coordinator constantly measures engagement to ensure content is driving the desired responses and, in consultation with the Director of Communication, adjusts content and content strategies, as needed.

This position is non-exempt from overtime pay and generally works from 8 a.m. to noon, Monday through Friday.

What are the details?
* Develop and execute a data-driven social media and blog plan that leverages industry and organizational events, national observances and other opportunities to secure engagement
* Write, solicit and edit engaging blog and social media content that generates desired responses from targeted audiences
* Track and report social media engagement and website traffic on a monthly and quarterly basis and alert the Director of Communications to any substantive changes or trends in real-time
* Develop, maintain and grow social media relationships with like-minded organizations to leverage their quality social content and to secure their amplification of NMSI social content
* Help identify and interview students, teachers and other stakeholders for success stories
* Other duties as assigned

The National Math and Science Initiative expands student access and achievement in rigorous high school coursework by preparing highly qualified math and science teachers, providing current teachers in grades 3-12 with extraordinary training and support and by giving students access to extra study time and resources needed for success. The Dallas-based non-profit has worked with more than 1.5 million students and 50,000 teachers across the country to create immediate and lasting benefits that increase success in college and careers.