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Cooper Complete is more than a name; it’s an accurate description of our nutritional supplements. Based on scientific research, each formulation contains the precise amount of vitamins and minerals listed on the label. That’s the Cooper Complete guarantee—they’re pure and potent. The line includes multivitamins for adults and a formula that meets the heightened demands of elite athletes. In addition, Cooper Complete includes a variety of supplements with focused ingredients to help improve brain health, skin and eye health, prostate health, joint maintenance and more. Cooper Complete can be purchased online on our own website and through, by phone or at retail locations. 888.393.2221 |

Current Need

Cooper Complete is seeking an experienced full-time, hands-on ecommerce manager to join the Cooper Aerobics marketing team at our offices in Dallas, Texas. This position is dedicated to increasing sales of Cooper Complete nutritional supplements and Beautiful Fit, our proprietary line of body and skin care products through

Key Responsibilities

• Create customer retention and cross-sell opportunities by enhancing website content

• Create new selling strategies and models (subscriptions, bundles, exclusives, custom products, etc.) to grow revenues

• Manage digital merchandising strategy and execution

• Manage website optimization including SEO and product merchandising

• Manage online research and optimization efforts including usability research, customer experience monitoring and multivariate (A/B) testing to improve website performance, site conversion and user experience

• Synthesize data-driven monthly reporting with analytical recommendations for action steps to improve results

• Liaise with internal and external agency and IT partners to support website functionality and services

• Help bring Cooper Complete brand attributes of trustworthy, supplements, care, methodical, premium and complete to life

  • 3-5 years’ e-commerce experience
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience using Google Analytics
  • Demonstrated experience enhancing website content for optimal results (SEO, conversions and customer retention)
  • Ecommerce shopping cart management required, WooCommerce a plus