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Are you passionate about social media? Why not use that enthusiasm to make a real difference? Once again, it’s time to determine the 2017-2018 SMC Dallas Leadership team. Board Member terms run from May 1, 2017 to May 1, 2018. Interested candidates can learn about leadership team positions and apply here. Board applications are being accepted through May 1.

If that’s a new acronym for you, WIIFM stands for “What’s In It For Me?” Although there are many altruistic reasons to serve on the board of a non-profit organization, there are a lot of personal benefits:

Personal Growth—Board service is a fabulous way to gain experience in new areas. If you’re “stuck in a rut” in your day job and want to branch out, there’s no better way to reach into that new career area, whether it’s inbound marketing, SEO, community management, improving your webmaster skills or program development.

Resume Bullets—Not only can you learn a new skill set, but you can apply it to some specific accomplishments that will add luster to your resume. For example, demonstrated leadership by growing business membership by X% or grew website traffic by Y%. With our re-branding activity pending this year, it’s a great opportunity to add some creative, marketing-centered accomplishments to your resume. And of course, we’ll need interactive expertise to support the associated website revamping.

Networking—SMC Dallas is an excellent place for networking, with an average 120 attendees per meeting. As a board member, there are additional opportunities to represent SMCDallas on cross-Dallas non-profit leadership events or special events like Dallas Digital Summit or the Social Media Strategies Summit.

Corporate Growth—Board service is also an opportunity to grow your business or organization. As a board member, your organization will benefit from increased exposure both on-line and IRL.

The Rewards of Giving Back—If you’ve been a member of SMC Dallas, you’ve seen the benefits of our mission. Help support us by giving back to an organization that has added to your career and network growth!

You may be thinking, “Sounds great. But how can I spare the time?” In my experience, when you pursue something you are passionate about, you somehow find the time. Board member applications are being accepted through May 10, 2017. Raise your hand!