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The purpose of the job is to support the office and operations in a clerical and administrative role. The nature of this job requires an individual who is dependable, detail-oriented and has an excellent memory. This individual will work closely with internal operations personnel to ensure administrative duties are handled timely and accurately.

Business Administrative & Accounting Assistant


• Ability to work under pressure
• Must have detailed knowledge of accounting principles
• Ability and desire to work in a team environment
• Ability to work effectively in a team
• Excellent attention to detail.
• Must have excellent communication skills
• This position requires attention to detail and good follow-up skills


• Answer telephone inquiries from customers for pricing information.
• Make payments on my behalf.
• Issue invoices to and collect from customers
• Payroll accounting
• Account receivable and payable.
• Contact vendors to inquire costs and availability of products.
• Record and pay account payable if needed.


– Must be self-motivated and able to work in a solo environment some of the time
– Ability and desire to work in a team environment
– Good Communications skills
– Good Listener

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