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Social media is always changing by offering new ideas or obsoleting old ones. Technology is reshaping the digital landscape and brands are having to adapt a lot quicker and more than before. So you won’t be left behind this year, I am highlighting four social media trends that you can expect to see for 2017.

4 Social Media Trends to Look for in 2017

Authenticity Rules

Have you noticed the changes on Facebook’s layout last year? The design changes almost hide the number of likes a page has. Additionally, Instagram highlights more post based on the user’s preferences and interest instead of by time or most popular. This allows for a user to find new channels based on specific personalized interested and a customized experience. You can expect more channels and advertisers to find more authentic outlets and communities than going for the major masses. 

Virtual Reality

Always wanted to go to snowboarding or see Cuba but never could? Thanks to virtual reality the experience could be within reach just by using your phone. We knew this was coming a few years ago but expect 2017 to be a breakout year of virtual reality. Don’t believe me? Just look at any media outlet and you would be hard press not to find a Samsung advertisement ad for the Samsung Gear VR set or something similar. Expect Facebook to move more virtual reality that it invested heavily in a few years ago.  

Zuckerburger noted in 2015 the focus for virtual reality. “AR, however, is about keeping a connection with the world around the user. The implications for a Facebook-driven AR system are pretty obvious. Imagine, maybe, walking down the street and getting a heads-up display for the number of likes a business has. By definition, AR is supposed to augment a user’s vision and give them the capability to do more with the world around them, and Facebook can use that to power a whole suite of new experiences.”  

Whether it’s looking up street view in a new city via Google Maps, businesses using Facebook 360, or entering into a live streaming game, the digital reality is becoming the live reality no matter where we turn all thanks to the technology in the palm of our hand.

Video Dominates

More and more social channels offer live streaming or video options making the digital world virtually open 24/7. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter all released some form of streaming and video options in the latter part of 2016. Additionally, last year the App – Marco Polo become an overnight sensation and continues to be among users of all ages. Even Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu all increase their exclusive content last year and in 2017 they show no sign of slowing down on. You can expect this trend to continue throughout 2017 as more users become familiar with products, apps and increase video consumption.

Niche Sites Soar

Want to start a blog in 2017? The best advice I can give you is to focus on your target audience and stick to it. Your audience is out there and craving for what you are saying. 2016 was a significant shift for online with media. “Ryan Sholi, the director of product and growth at Chalkbeat note last year was a rise in niche sites.

“General interest media used to serve that need [local interest subjects], but with newspapers cracking under the strain of trying to be all things to all people, wide gaps are being left in their wake. News sites with a single-minded focus on specific topics have been filling those needs on critical issues for some time now. “

You can expect this trends to continue through the year as people are searching for specific sites that fit with their beliefs and values. This rings true for most social channels as many have or are adjusting to make the user experience specific, custom and authentic.