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With Instagram now adding Instastories, it was the perfect timing to have Snapchat as our topic for the first 2016 Fall event. From the exclusive inaugural SM Dallas Snapchat Filters to Snappy Salads as filling the bellies of attendees, the night was buzzing with much excitement for Radio Host and Snapchat expert Mark Kay to take the stage

Our Food: Snappy Salad

Snapchat success 3 secrets_ Social Media Club Dallas 2016 snappy salad

To keep with the Snapchat theme, we couldn’t have made this event a success without the Award-winning Snappy Salads restaurants located in Dallas & Fort Worth. Snappy Salads focuses on high-quality salads served quickly in an environmentally friendly atmosphere by passionate people. The company’s boost that their salads are so good, even guys like our salads. We have to agree.

Our Speaker: Mark Kaye

Snapchat success 3 secrets_ Social Media Club Dallas 2016 attendee and Mark

Mark Kaye has become a Snapchat Celebrity by interviewing Snapchat Celebrities. His Snapchat talk show “Talkin’ Snap!” has earned him the title “The Jimmy Fallon of Snapchat.”Mark offered his “7 Secrets of Snapchat Superstars” that helped attendees quickly build a massive audience and improve business. In our recap, we want to highlight the three of his secrets.

3 Secrets to Snapchat Success

Snapchat success 3 secrets mark kaye speaking

Know How to Conversate
It is important to understand that snapchat focuses’ on users interacting with their friends, so conversation is vital depending on the user. We learned there are two main snapchat users

  • Snapchatters: Those who are interacting with each other and
  • Snapcasters: Those who only use snapchat as more of a TV show with little to no interaction

Consistency Is Key
After understanding, which conversation method another vital key is consistency. Consistency is not rocket science and can apply to all forms of social media to blogging and even sending out newsletters. Being consistent does not mean being repetitive every single day. If you commit to snapping only on the weekdays, be committed to it and make sure your audience knows what to expect.

Be a Creeper
One of my favorite tips was to be a creeper. *Cue TLC Creep* Jk. Ha! Creeping on another account may sound odd or weird, but it is not. It is the one time you can be a creeper, and it is totally fine. In fact, it’s one of the benefits of Snapchat is its ability to creep on others but whom you are creeping on can be helpful.
If you want to be a great writer you have to read. To be successful at snapchat follow aka creep on those who are great at it. However, one cardinal rule to being is a creeper is

Be inspired by other accounts but don’t copycat.

Snapchat success 3 secrets_ Social Media Club Dallas 2016 attendees

Make sure you check out SM Dallas Twitter hashtag for a digital recap and check out our next event. To find out more tips oh how to be successful on Snapchat or to check out the exclusive Snapchat talk show visit Mark’s website.