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Mark Kaye has become a Snapchat Celebrity by interviewing Snapchat Celebrities. His Snapchat talk show “Talkin’ Snap!” has earned him the title “The Jimmy Fallon of Snapchat.”
In this presentation he will share the “7 Secrets of Snapchat Superstars” that will help you quickly build a massive audience and build your business.

At this event, you will learn how to:

  1. Quickly grow an audience on Snapchat
  2. Create compelling Snapchat content that can be repurposed on other platforms
  3. Profit from Snapchat Influence

6:00PM Check-In
6:45PM Snapchat Presentation
8:30PM Post-event networking at The People’s Last Stand

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About the Speaker: Mark Kaye, @MarkKayeShow, is an award-winning Radio Talk Show Host and Snapchat Superstar. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Mark hosts the ONLY talk show on Snapchat and has a history in radio. His show, “Talkin’ Snap” has a weekly audience of 50,000 people who enjoy his interviews with prominent stars as well as Snapchat “flashmobs.” He films and edits every show directly from his phone. (How?? Well, join us August 18th and find out!)

As an ultimate demonstration of “be social on social,” Kaye encourages Snapchatters to collaborate with everyone in order to build audience. When he joins us in August, he may also share stories from his experience at the July Republican Convention in Cleveland, where he was one of four Snapchat Superstars invited to cover the spectacle, interview millennials, and share insights from the campaign trail.

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