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Matt Dixon, Dallas Brew Scene | Peter Linder, The Networked Society | Cynthia Smoot, Oh So Cynthia | Neil Lemmons, I Live In Dallas | Ed Bark,

Last week, we had the opportunity to sit in on a panel discussion with some serious bloggers. These four DFW locals vary in professional experience, but all had one thing in common: rockin’ blog backgrounds. So here we are, blogging about bloggers, but let us share what we learned…

It starts with, passion. All of the panelists had different reasons as to why they started using blogs as a communication medium. Whether they were a stay-at-home mom wanting to keep in touch with family from a distance, a couple of friends with a deep interest in writing about (and drinking) craft brews, or a non-native-English-speaker trying to reach people in the digital space due to spoken language barriers, they all got their start by writing about what they loved. 

It thrives with, consistencyWhat is the thing about your blog that will keep people coming back? Alliteration in the blog headlines? Bold passion? Covering hyper-relatable topics to local readers? A niche subject that no one else is covering? Whatever it may be – find your “thing” and remain consistent with it, to keep those readers flocking back for more. Peter Linder put it quite nicely by stating, “trust is one of the most important things to have when communicating in the digital space.”

Don’t let it be about, the money. You can’t pull a Jerry McGuire here and rely on your blogs solely to bring in the money. Stick with your passion, and the rest will fall in place. Your blog should stand as a good home base for all things in your brand, keeping content relatable to readers, but the other outlets on social can be used for more of the sponsorship leverage, should that be a goal of yours.  

We appreciate getting to spend the evening with this highly entertaining and educational bunch. Cheers to blogging!

Stay tuned for more information about next month’s gathering.