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Eric Tung Social Media Dallas Content MatrixOn Thursday, October 15th, Social-media professionals gathered at The Angelika to hear from Eric Tung, co-founder of Houston Social Media Day and Social Media Association of Houston.

The topic? The Content Matrix. Tung had attendees jotting notes on what exactly content marketing it is (spoiler alert: it’s just marketing! Marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire and retain customers, according to Wikipedia), what different types of content exist for marketers to take advantage of, and–probably one of the most-common questions for businesses looking to dive head-first into the world of content marketing–how to best keep up with the content.

When it comes to content, think outside of the box besides the written word. Content marketing can be found in the form of video, infographics, slideshares, ebooks, white papers, email marketing, audio bits, and even tweets and Facebook posts. As you can see by this list, content marketing ranges from basic to complex, and short to long.

BMCengage Bear Content Marketing Matrix Eric TungNow, for the tricky part of keeping your content consistent: get other people to create content for you. Tung told a story of a bear giveaway at a conference; a customer made a Twitter account just for the bear and tweetest as the #bmcengage bear. This led to organically generated content from what turned out to be one of their top customers!

Other ways to generate outside content involves guest blogging. There’s no shame in paying someone to guest blog for you and your products, but if your company offers amazing customer service, sometimes the guest posts can be warranted with a simple polite ask.

So, onto this “content matrix” that we’ve been buzzing about here at Social Media Dallas. Creating content around your audience mix is the first step: who are your customer personas? Think about your main customer profiles. Give them names and think about what motivates them; what are their goals? What obstacles do they have in their way?

sales cycle content matrix eric tung social media dallas

Step two: find your sales cycle. Your sales cycle should live on a scale as follows: awareness > consideration > purchase > service > loyalty.

The matrix comes in when you put the personas on a graph down the left, and the sales cycle along the top. Mapping the personas in their proper place along this graph can help you identify and fill in the gaps to see what content you’re needing and why.

The main points of Tung’s presentation?

  • Tap into different types of content to help you with different goals.

  • Get other people to create content for you

  • Find your personas, map them, and supercharge your content marketing!

Tung gave a few more best practices at this content-loaded event, followed by a mini Q&A session to answer attendee-specific questions.

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