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Topo Chico Social Media CampaignWhile the first three case studies presented at the 5th annual Social Media Showcase were inspiring and meticulously thought out, we were just getting started when it came to ingenious ideas and clever campaigns for social media professionals looking to turn problems into solutions.

As attendees took notes and live-tweeted quips from each speaker, the case studies revealed more about how visuals can speak louder than words when it comes to moving a brand, product, or service forward.

Topo Chico with Giovanni Galluci

How do you get an audience to WANT to buy bottled water… from Mexico? That was the challenge that Giovanni Galluci was faced with when building a social media campaign around Topo Chico, a bottled mineral water with a bite to it. Giovanni focused on a social media platform that’s continuously increasing in B2C engagement: Instagram.

Topo Chico Key LearningsHis goal was to build a demand for the product, which he achieved by allowing Topo Chico to only be sold in VIP areas at concerts and events. Attendees learned from Galluci that it IS possible to successfully build awareness and brand loyalty without conspicuous selling/marketing gimmicks.

Chevrolet with Fleishman Hillard

Miker Stovall Chevrolet EmojiThink about the top marketing campaign your company is working on at present moment–now imagine recapturing that campaign, ENTIRELY with emojis. This was Miker Stovall’s task when it came to trying to engage more millenials on behalf of Chevrolet. In a four-day reveal, Stovall showed how yellow-circle expressions and cartoon figures could blend together to make a comprehensive social media marketing campaign.

Chevrolet Emoji marketing campaignFrom a press release made entirely out of emojis to articles and commercials featured on Mashable, BuzzFeed, and social networks, Fleishman Hillard pushed the Chevy Goes Emoji trend buzz… but they didn’t stop there. Targeting influencers, Stovall’s team used the “what emoji are you?” approach to create even more buzz and get the word out, rewarding the influencers with emoji goodies. Just goes to show that it doesn’t necessarily take words to make your point.

State Fair of Texas

Jen Schuder State Fair of Texas Social Media DallasAh yes, it’s that time of the year. Ginormous corn dogs paired with rides and everything fried. After quickly mourning the “unfortunate incident” that we Texans are all still trying to move forward from, Jennifer Schuder took the stage to wrap up the social media showcase, explaining just how social media networking put forward initiatives for The State Fair of Texas, from engagement down to the layout of the website. The main issue? How do you bring a 129-year-old brand into the 21st century? Schuder informed the crowd that there are over 100 FREE things to do at the fair on any given day, and that while past social media campaigns had attempted to target one specific attraction over another, fair-goers’ posts showed that they posted about traditions that mattered to them from years’ past.

State Fair of Texas Social Media Campaign Dallas ShowcaseOnce realizing what fair-goers related to and engaged better with, it was a matter of using the best assets. Schuder noted that using archives for historical artifacts and past State Fair photography added to the communication foundation and amplified interaction. But the kicker to boosted engagement was the re-vamped website. Schuder relayed that since each fair-goer attends the State Fair for their own traditions, they focused the main page of the website mostly on events that were free to the public.

Schuder’s main takeaways? People love pictures, and passionate fans will share their experience if you ask… just be sure to follow up and acknowledge their sharing.

What was your favorite case study from this year’s showcase? Don’t forget to take a look at Part 1 with three more exciting case studies from this year’s event!