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Social media dallas showcase 2015Calling all social media gurus and brilliant marketing professionals: this is the last call to submit your case study to be considered for the Social Media Showcase 2015!

Show off all the hard work you have put in to your client’s or company’s social media efforts and educate others on why what your company does works. While enjoying the opportunity to be honored for the campaigns you have produced in the past year, you will also be able to join in on viewing competitors’ presentations and their strategies in social media marketing.

Overall, why should you be jumping at the chance to present at the Social Media Showcase?

Brand Awareness

Your clients know who you are. Some Social Media Dallas event goers may know who you are. But do all Dallas social media marketing professionals know the strategy tricks up your sleeve? Being chosen as one of the presenters for the Social Media Showcase allows your company to broaden its outreach with other businesses, all while getting your name out there and spotlighting the successful work you have accomplished.


Just like you tested, tweaked, and perfected your social media strategy that led to great success, so did many other businesses that will be presenting at this event. Not only do you get to stand alongside them, chosen as one of the best at what you do, but you have the opportunity to learn from the other businesses and incorporate their tricks and tactics into your future campaigns.

Bragging Rights

This is the name of the game. Being chosen through the balanced and fair judging criteria among all other business candidates ensures that your business’ campaign is one of the best out there among all other companies. To be able to say you had some fierce competition that your case study was chosen and honored amongst them is a proud accomplishment for any social media marketer.


Don’t forget, this is your last chance to submit your case study! Submissions will be taken until Wednesday, August 12th at 6 PM. We can’t wait to review what you submit!