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Facebook Growth Hacking SM Dallas with Dennis YuIf there was one adjective to describe this month’s Social Media Dallas event with Dennis Yu, it would be mind-blowing.

Before we get to the knitty-gritty of the presentation, there’s the food to gawk over for a moment. Chris, the man behind Snappy Salads, outdid himself once again with an impressive (and extremely delicious) spread of wraps and salads alike (not to mention those tasty cookies to wash it all down with)! Be sure to check out one of their locations near you for a tasty lunch or dinner soon.


Once everyone was settled into theatre 4 at the Angelika Theater, Dennis Yu with BlitzMetrics wielded his way through the tips and tricks of building and amplifying one’s marketing on Facebook, dazzling Dallas marketing professionals with his low CPC rates, extremely high ROI, and insights to manipulating Facebook’s tricky barriers to one’s benefit.

Yu opened up with an important note: it’s always best to start your campaigns with a thorough checklist.


Yu focused on the idea of remarketing throughout the event, explaining that Facebook marketing, as well as most online marketing, is all about remarketing. How does Facebook help this task? By making remarketing even easier for the smaller businesses.



But one of the most compelling reasons Yu gave for focusing on Facebook marketing strategies was the ROI. According to Yu, Facebook allows for a higher ROI due to audience targeting, so why not go where the ROI is?

Another key point brought up in the presentation was how to speak to consumers during your remarketing strategy. Yu explained that the best way to get a potential customer’s attention is through great storytelling.


Yu touched on many other points that are buzzing around the marketing and advertising world, such as the importance of mobile and video in advertising, and how to optimize on these platforms.

Overall, the night presented several pages full of knowledge and insights into better developing a marketing strategy on a platform like Facebook. But the educational fun didn’t stop there.

SIG Program Events

The Carver family at SM Dallas SIG Event

Dennis Yu was kind enough to lead eager professionals further into his experience during two back-to-back nights of hands-on learning through Social Media Dallas’ Special Interest Group (SIG) Program.


SM Dallas SIG attendeesNight one focused on how to stand out in the marketplace as a thought leader, while night two navigated through Yu’s checklist to further elaborate on his Facebook growth hacking presentation. Marketing enthusiasts enjoyed getting personal attention with Dennis Yu and learning how to take their marketing tactics to the next level.

Some key takeaways from these SIG events included:

  • The idea that If you want to be seen in the media, you be the media
  • It’s important that You need to plot the branding journey in advance
  • When it comes to branding, micro-tasks are necessary
  • Being efficient during personal branding: DO IT, DELEGATE IT, OR DELETE IT

What was your favorite part of this month’s presentation or SIG events? What would you like to see more of? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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