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The May 2015 SMC Dallas event was a success, providing information about customer service within social media, great food from Snappy Salads, and lots of networking amongst Dallas professionals.

Customer Service at the Speed of Social

Customer Service at the Speed of Social

 Customer Service at the Speed of Social

Customer Service at the Speed of Social

Customer Service at the Speed of Social

This month, SMC Dallas attendees had the pleasure of watching three distinguished, knowledgeable professionals share their insights on delivering customer service in a digital age.

Alex Tan, Executive Director at Golin, delivered questions to John Valadez, Social Media Care Program Manager at Samsung Mobile USA, Ashley Pettit, Social Business Manager at Southwest Airlines, and Juan Elizondo, Senior Manager at TXU Energy. The panel covered several topics including how to handle crises on social, what tools they incorporate for their customer service tactics, and how digital platforms allow brands to be less formal and rather more personal.

Customer Service at the Speed of Social

 Response Time

Starting off the night, the panelists discussed different tactics when it comes to responding to a consumer.

It became clear that with the real-time capabilities of social media, brands need to have a plan in action to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible:

Committed to Customer Service

One of the other underlying themes of the night regarded businesses treating customer service as the top priority of their company, regardless of what their overall product was. Their customer service team needed to live and breathe their strategies to provide consumers with satisfactory responses.


Adopting Social Media Tactics

Social success may look different to every company, but the panelists provided insight as to how social media provided a helpful hand in their customer service strategies, from social listening tools to keeping engagement online rather than on the phones. The main consensus was that social media overall has helped tremendously for business’ customer service success. It added necessary value that businesses would otherwise be unable to provide.

Crisis Management

Social media platforms allow companies to respond to crises in real-time, and calm worries or concerns as it is happening. This is both a blessing and a curse for those who handle customer service, but our panelists gave some great insight on how to use social media to a business’ advantage in this event.

The overall takeaway is that customer service should absolutely be a major focus for any large brand and/or industry, and that having the team utilize social media tools and tactics can help to exponentially prove customer satisfaction and positive brand awareness.

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