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A surprising insight in the recent Social Media Dallas survey is that many don’t perceive there are volunteer opportunities. I’m here to dispel that notion. Volunteer opportunities are legion! Each year, board positions are available for interested members. Applications are being accepted through April 27th for the upcoming year. You can apply here.

There are at least 4 solid reasons to volunteer for a board position.

Enhance Existing Skills. Are you seeking to position yourself for a new job opportunity by enhancing skills such as Promotions or Communications? The work you do in a non-profit organization can get you noticed! Believe it or not, I’ve actually received job inquiries simply as a result of blogging here at

Develop New Skills. Perhaps you’re new in your career, and need to develop leadership skills. A non-profit is just the place to begin. You can earn a leadership position more quickly than in the corporate world, and you can then leverage those learned skills to help you advance your career. Non-profits like SMDallas are looking for leadership, and you can see measurable results more easily than in established businesses.

Meet New People. Almost a third of our audience is first time attendees. So SMDallas is a great place to meet new people, especially if you are involved in Membership. Or, if you support Sponsorship, it provides you with the perfect opportunity to cultivate relationships with those in targeted companies.

Contribute to the Community. If you’ve enjoyed the organization, odds are you’ll enjoy giving back. One of my favorite survey comments on “what I like most about Social Media Dallas” was “Great community, reputable and fantastic group, accessible and friendly group.” If you feel like that about the organization, why not share your time to keep that great community going?

Available positions are as diverse as your interests, and vary in the time commitment.

General Leadership–President, Programming, Communications and Promotions are some of the most active positions, and provide essential leadership to the organization.

Administrative Functions–Secretary, Treasurer and Logistics are perfect for those who like to organize, and require less of a time commitment than other functions.

Sponsorship and Membership are two cornerstone functions for the organization and are essential to our growth.

Technical–we’re always in the need of good webmaster support. As you can see, we need a good webmaster to help with the conversion to our new branding.

New positions–We’re adding two positions that have been recommend by members this year:

  • Outreach, which targets co-marketing and joint events with other professional organizations like DFWSEM, Digital Dallas, or DFW AMA. With many hiring companies at each of our meetings, we also have a real opportunity for campus outreach. What better place for students to learn how to network and meet prospective hiring companies than Social Media Dallas?
  • Blog Editor, which sets the editorial direction and establishes the blog calendar

In this age of 140 byte tweets, 3 minute YouTube videos and 15 second Vines, you may feel that a Board position is a bigger time commitment than you’re ready to make. If you can make a smaller time commitment, raise your hand! If you can volunteer to do 4 blog posts, or schedule a meetup, or sign up one sponsor or one member, it all helps! Don’t be afraid to volunteer!

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