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MySpace was one of the first social networks to gain popularity among all ages back in the early 2000’s but by 2008, it was surpassed in popularity by Facebook.

SMC Dallas Social Media RevolutionMost of their users have left the network now with the exception of the music industry. It is still a popular platform for bands to update their fans, share videos, and more. MySpace is currently trying to make a comeback – good luck with that! Lol.

Facebook was first created for Harvard University students, the other Ivy League schools, and later, high schools.

To get an account you had to be attending one of the major colleges or be invited if you were in high school. In September 2006, Facebook was opened up to everyone over the age 13 who wanted to have an account.

In time, Facebook expanded and individuals and businesses around the world began to join in order to connect with old friends, market products and services. Businesses realized that, instead of looking at printed sales bills placed in newspapers, customers were looking online at websites, social media, and more.

LinkedIn was created in 2003 and initially popular among job seekers and recruiters.

LinkedIn is one place where job seekers can post their online resume as a LinkedIn Profile. Recruiters comb through the website looking for the right person to hire for the position they are trying to fill.

As the number of users grew, the popularity grew and LinkedIn became the professional network everyone uses to create profiles. Whether you are job searching or not, you should have a LinkedIn Profile to highlight your skills and expertise. LinkedIn is a social media platform where creating the best profile will help you outrank and out-reach your competition.

Of course, there are many other social networks including Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+. Each one is great for reaching around the world to connect, highlight, and feature products and services. But,

Facebook was the beginning of the social media revolution.

As Facebook continued to gain popularity among all ages, families and friends stopped talking with each other on the phone (long distance) and writing letters. Everyone started to share news, photos, and stories with their Facebook friends, which consist of moms, dads, aunts, uncles, old high school and college buddies. This platform continues to grow and grow and grow.

Other popular social networking sites have been feeling the need to compete with Facebook to be the frontrunner as the best and most innovative. Each one attempts to outdo the others by keeping users on their site longer – everyone remembers what happened to MySpace.

Social Media Day Started in 2010

Mashable is one of the largest publishers of online news, covering topics ranging from social media to nonprofits doing social good. They focus primarily on technology but they are also the first to publish about other news.

People around the globe have been saying social media is dying since it gained its popularity in 2008, but its popularity continues to grow.

In 2010, Mashable showed the doubters that they were wrong when Victoria, Canada proclaimed the first Social Media Day. Cities around the U.S. also started celebrating Social Media Day with in-person get-togethers of online users. SMC Dallas was one of the first groups in Dallas to start celebrating Social Media Day that very same year. In that spirit, in 2012 I decided to host the first ever DFW Rocks Social Media Day event and many of the SMC Dallas members participated.

The Social Media Revolution continues today with more social networks popping up all the time. This year, the Mayor of Addison made a Social Media Day proclamation and will be joining the rest of the world to celebrate Social Media Day.

The DFW Rocks Social Media 3rd annual conference is now less than 12 days away, with 36 national speakers and attendees from around the U.S. gathering at the Addison Conference Center. Will you be joining all the other social media practitioners who will be attending? This is a great way to stay current as social media continues to evolve. It isn’t too late to register–SMCDallas members are offered the discounted group rate of $150.


Lissa DutyLissa Duty founded her social media consulting firm in 2009 after discovering a passion for leveraging online social media platforms to brand clients and small businesses. Her services include private social media coaching, group social media training classes, and social media campaign design, setup and implementation, which includes video marketing, article marketing, email marketing, etc. She is also the Assistant Organizer for the DFW Social Media Marketing Group, which has over 1000 members and growing continually, Assistant Director for Biz Link Global, a national professional networking group and Organizer for the annual DFW Rocks Social Media Conference. You can also contact Lissa on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.