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ChecklistMore than likely, your social presence is going to factor into your job search – especially for employment in digital, advertising and marketing industries. Employers and recruiters use social networks to find great candidates and to learn about applicants. Is your social media presence job-search ready, especially in these three areas?

Stay Up to Date

Be honest – are all your social profiles updated with the most recent information about you? We have some basic tips for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+.


  • Use a good profile photo. A good photo will be a recent picture of you that is a high-quality image and focuses on your face, so you are easily recognizable even in a small profile image. A professional headshot is usually a great option, especially for LinkedIn.
  • Is your LinkedIn profile as complete as it can be? Does it include all jobs, relevant projects, education information, volunteer opportunities?
  • Make your LinkedIn profile congruent with the most recent version of your resume that you’re using in your job search. Employers are likely to check you out online, especially on LinkedIn, as a professional networking site, so you want to ensure your LinkedIn is as updated as your resume.
  • Do you have an updated profile summary that describes your professional goals and accomplishments, and what you have to offer to employers?


  • Use a good profile photo. Keeping your profile photo consistent across your web presence helps with recognition and formation of your personal brand, so you should consider using your LinkedIn profile across other social sites, like LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Fill out your Twitter bio.
  • Include a link to your personal website or blog, or other online presence.
  • Have you updated the background and header image to something other than the default?


  • Use a good profile photo.
  • Have you optimized the privacy settings on your content, especially if you’re using Facebook for more personal content, pictures, and so forth? Make sure your default profile is clean and professional.
  • Is your education and employment history updated?


  • Use a good profile photo.
  • Have you optimized and updated your profile – description, links, work, education, basic information?
  • Include a link to your personal website or blog, or other online presence.
  • Have you updated the header image to something other than the default?

Stay Active & Professional

Across all of your social networks, are you applying the following to keep them active?

  • Update regularly. Especially if you’re looking for a job in marketing and advertising, it’s important to not just have a social presence, but be active in the space. It’s hard to present an image of being up to date on the latest in digital trends if your Twitter feed hasn’t seen a post in 6 months. Keep your social profiles updated on a regular basis with fresh, relevant content.
  • Is what you’re sharing professional? Remember that some of these profiles are public and are going to show up immediately when an employer Googles your name. Avoid profanity, make sure photos and other content are appropriate, and share content that has value and interest.
  • Is what you’re sharing positive? A social presence full of negative content (especially venting about work!) might not present you in the best light to a potential employer.
  • Make your social presence reflect your voice and personality. Maintaining an appropriate and professional presence doesn’t mean it has to be robotic, boring or all business all the time. Getting a job is about culture fit as well as career goals. Create a social presence that reflects who you are.

Stay Relevant & Engaging

Are you making your social presence work for you, with relevant content and opportunities to network?

  • Create and share content across your social networks that are relevant to your industry and reflect your professional interests and expertise.
  • Participate in professional conversations that showcase your knowledge and show that you’re up on industry trends, such as LinkedIn discussions and groups, Twitter chats, or sites like Quora.
  • Keep up with industry influencers and key employers on social media. Do you engage with these individuals and brands?
  • Engage with your personal and professional network across to get introductions and referrals.
  • Use social media to connect with hiring managers and recruiters.

And finally, how are you augmenting your on-line image with your in-person activities? Although social sites can build awareness when you are looking for a job, it’s that close, personal connection that can make you top of mind. An in-person introduction can turn that weak tie into a stronger link. If you’re looking to make some personal connections and to learn about social media careers and hiring, come to the SMC Dallas event Social Media Best Practices: Mapping Your Career, Mining for Talent on February 20. Register by February 19 to save $10 on the cost of registration.

Teri Guill - PhotoTeri Guill is a marketing professional with a career background from traditional and digital marketing to content and community management. She is currently a digital analyst with Hilton Worldwide, part of an eCommerce team managing web and business analytics for 3,500+ hotels. She is also the 2013-2014 Promotions Chair for SMC Dallas, managing day-to-day social media presence for the organization. Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.