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Social Media Trends 2014If you’re currently running a successful business, then you are most likely using the power of social media marketing. You know that social media helps you find new prospects and share your great products and services. You also understand the extreme value of analytics available to help you make strategic decisions and drive your social media marketing.

But are you geared up for what’s ahead in 2014? Do you have a plan mapped out for the months to come, as social media zooms into the next, advanced stage of its global impact? According to a report by, 68% of Fortune 500 CEO’s have NO online social presence – that means there’s a lot of catching up to do!

Here are some emerging trends and forecasts to help you get in front of the approaching changes in the days ahead.

Social media marketing will take yet another giant step in 2014, showing greater sophistication and more consolidation in the industry. To stay relevant and in-the-game, you will need to actively participate in one or more of these coming developments:

  • Metrics and analysis, market research and deeper studies to unearth richer, more tangible analysis will create strong  differentiators.
  • Training is high on the list; especially advanced training in social media strategies, tactics and analytics.
  • Zero in on the tools and platforms that work best for you, focusing on the most effective and strategic. Mid-sized companies especially need to be on top of this; larger companies will likely go by way of marketing automation.
  • Specialization will see increased focus.
    • Particular social media aspects of your industry will give rise to more demand for specific social media tactics.
    • Professional skills will become even more niche-focused.
    • Specific B2C or B2B specialization will see dynamic changes.
    • Both local and international markets will specialize more, affected by market trends and consumer/business demands.
    • Social media tools and technologies are destined to evolve and multiply
  • Compliance issues, such as e-discovery will be central to chatter, debate and change.
  • Integration of social media and marketing automation will demand specialized training and dedicated coordination.
  • Development of new social media apps will go from new ideas to development to implementation in record time.

It’s important to have the resources you need to address the changes ahead. That’s why working with people who are experts in social media marketing will streamline your efforts. Not only will you be prepared for 2014, but you will also be in-the-know about what your social media marketing plans should be moving forward. Contact the people who know the business – and don’t hesitate to dive in for yourself and try out the various social tools out there.

WitmerGroupLogo180x180Kristina Witmer is the owner of the Witmer Group. Witmer Group creates integrated marketing strategy and supports online lead generation efforts for our clients. Our team assists companies with marketing strategy to include social media planning and execution, content creation, video production and web design. We also develop search engine marketing programs, search engine optimization and brand development, all within a holistic approach designed to reach and energize your audience. You can contact the Witmer Group at