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Last year, I had the opportunity to represent DFW-based i Fratelli for their Pizza DoughNation campaign in the 2nd Annual SMC Dallas Social Media Showcase.

We were hesitant in the beginning to submit a case study thinking it couldn’t compete with larger brands and soon-to-be finalists, Chevy and RadioShack. However, we believed in our work. Our case study was unique in that it told a story of how a smaller, local brand used social media as a means to give back to non-profits and charities in the DFW community.

SMC Dallas Showcases Social Media Case Studies

Social Media Showcase Raises Awareness of Dallas Area Social Expertise, says Jeff Schick.

This being OPM’s first submission to the showcase, which can be read in its entirety here, we didn’t know what to expect. After being selected as a finalist, we compiled a recap of the objectives, strategies, tactics, platforms and content all while communicating the results from earned and shared media. Toughest part: fitting all of this into a ten-minute presentation.

What I learned from the showcase was that it doesn’t matter what your budget is, how big your firm is or isn’t, or what brand you represent. To earn a speaking opportunity in the showcase, the key is to communicate how you creatively found ways to solve business and marketing challenges using social media best practices.

One year later, I catch myself nudging other brands and agencies to submit. Why? Unfortunately, Dallas carries a reputation that we are not a strong advertising and PR market in comparison to other larger media markets. Quite frankly, this is not the case. There are several great brands, agencies, consultants, PR firms and boutiques that have done some great things in the social media space over the past year. Now is the chance to submit your best work. Help us best represent the Dallas chapter of the Social Media Club by taking time to submit here.

The deadline is Wednesday, August 7th.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Jeff Schick is Director of Digital Strategy for Online Performance Marketing, a Richardson-based Interrnet Marketing firm that specializes in SEO, Pay Per Click and social media marketing.