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Showcase Presenter Alyssa Gardina

Alyssa Gardina casts a vote for the Social Media Showcase.

Around this time last year, I was finalizing our entry for the SMC Dallas annual Social Media Showcase. We were submitting a case study on RadioShack’s Trade & Save campaign, an integrated communications initiative that took us from Los Angeles to New York (and everywhere in between!), working with influencers and sharing content across traditional and digital channels.

We knew we were up against some serious competition to present at the Showcase. Agencies, brands, individuals and nonprofits around Dallas are constantly driving creative, innovative things on social media. When we were selected, we were elated – and got right back to work on adapting our case study for our presentation.

Presenting at the Showcase gave us a chance to highlight a campaign that was extremely successful, surpassing all of our goals and giving us content we’re still sharing today. It was also an opportunity to talk to other SMC Dallas attendees about similar projects and swap stories about what worked and what didn’t. Teams from RadioShack and Weber Shandwick attended the event to support me and to provide their perspectives on the campaign at the networking event later that evening.

I came away from the presentation with great contacts and ideas for future projects, from my conversations during networking and from the other case studies presented that evening. The presentation reinforced how important our preparation had been leading up to the Trade & Save campaign, from setting goals before launch and integrating across departments and teams.

The Social Media Showcase is an opportunity for the Dallas digital community to not only show the great work we’ve done in the past year, but learn from each other – whether as a presenter or as an attendee. Theory is great, but it’s often seeing a case study that ties everything together and triggers that big idea – the one that might lead to a campaign featured at next year’s Showcase! (Hey, you never know!)

Editor’s note:  Alyssa Gardina is a Senior Digital Manager with Weber Shandwick and a former board member of SMC Dallas. Showcase submissions are due now! Apply here.