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Verizon 4G LTE

There is no doubt access to mobile phones and tablets is having a profound impact on how we work and live. In fact there is evidence that suggests that 10% of all Google searches are performed on a mobile phone. More importantly, as applications and websites are built and optimized for mobile users, fast and reliable carrier speed is becoming an expectation. This month we are thankful to Verizon Wireless to sponsoring our June monthly event featuring Tim Sanders and his Today We are Rich Book Tour.

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and is the “gold standard” for wireless technology and offers significantly faster speed and reduced latency sure to please all us social media mavericks. 4G will offer up to 10X faster speed over 3G. Verizon plans to have 4G LTE in over 175 cities before the end of the year.

Get ready to be interviewed: We’ll have Huddle Productions on hand performing video interviews of various bloggers so be prepared to get some publicity on YouTube and social media. Also, help us drive awareness of the event by adding hashtag #vzw4glte to your tweets promoting the event and at the event. Who knows you may just win something.