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Today’s Guest Post is by Becky Pearce
Becky Pearce

Becky Pearce is a Director at Ivie & Associates where she’s worked in both Client Services and Business Strategy roles for the last 11 years.

We started our community service program three years ago and our intent from the beginning was to focus on supporting causes that meant the most to our associates. Over the years we’ve supported causes that are important to people because of their personal interests, like Bonnie in Prepress who has a passion for animals. Other times we’ve helped organizations that affect our friends and family, like Cassie in Production whose father has lung cancer. And sometimes it’s something that affects one of us directly, which is what happened a few years ago.

In 2006, Loan Huynh started with Ivie. She’d just moved down to Texas from Chicago to take on a Coordinator role in our Client Services department. She and I worked on different accounts and had very little interaction, so I didn’t know her very well. I certainly had no idea she had battled leukemia the year before. I’m thrilled to say that Loan is now a two-time survivor of Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) and has been in remission since a bone marrow transplant in 2008. I am consistently in awe of what she has been through and how hard she works to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), which was instrumental in helping her battle cancer. Because of Loan, for the last two years we have supported the Big D Climb, one of the LLS’s biggest annual fundraisers. Climbing 52 flights of stairs is no easy feat, but when you’re climbing all you can think about is people like her who have been through so much to fight blood cancers like leukemia. Their battles certainly last longer than the 30 minutes it takes for us to climb those stairs.

Last year Loan managed to build a team of more 50 people and rally them to raise more than $6,700, by far the most we’ve raised for a single Ivie Cares event. This year, we’re hoping to have at least 100 people and raise more than $12,000.

So what do you say? How about joining our team and helping reach our goal?

Or you could even start your own team. The LLS has set goals to double both participation and fundraising for the 3rd Annual Big D Climb. We’d love nothing more than to see that happen.

If you’re interested in participating you can contact me at or if you’d like to register a team you can do so on the Big D Climb website.